Hell comes to paradise on December 7, 1941. Two disparate cultures, the Japanese samurai warrior tradition and American technology, wage a bitter, almost genocidal war for sovereignty over the Pacific Ocean’s atolls and islands, home to the Polynesians and their ancient gods.
Opening with fast paced and differing perspectives of the chaos that occurred in a brief ninety minutes at Pearl Harbor, the arc of the story follows U.S. Navy fighter pilot Lt. GRANT HYLTON as he struggles to recover from the devastating loss of his new wife LAURA. Unbeknownst to him, Grant's life is now inextricably bound to the life of SUZANNE LEE, the nurse who attends Laura at her death. Grant's godmother MANALANI, a Hawaiian holy woman, appears. She promises Laura: "In time, all will be put right, and everything will be as it was meant to be."  Manalani then merges the spirits of the dying Laura and Suzanne’s unborn child.

The Battle of Midway serves as the fiery cauldron that finally burns the rage from Grant's heart. In the process of healing, Grant seeks answers to the mystery of Laura's murder at the hands of the only Japanese pilot who chose a civilian woman as his target. After the war, Grant goes to Japan for a meeting with the commander of the flight and the pilot's sister.

 Grant retires at 35 from his successful aviation business, and builds a private island estate. It becomes a lonely sanctuary when his sense of Laura’s presence causes every new relationship to fail. Laura’s spirit leads Suzanne’s daughter LAURIE, now 20 years old, to Hawaii, where she first meets Grant in an embarrassing encounter at a waterfall. Laurie becomes Grant's summer houseguest and feels an inexplicable attraction to him, despite the two-decade difference in age.
The pieces of the puzzle start falling into place when Laurie’s mother and Grant's godfather and former commander, known as the SKIPPER, join them the following summer. They learn that Laurie and Laura are one, but that no one remains with the power to undo Manalani’s magic.

Young Laurie embarks on a desperate quest to change her destiny. She finally has to sacrifice her own love to give Laura and Grant a chance to start over. The reunited couple seems inexorably destined to relive their tragic fate. That is, until Manalani finds a way to rewrite history in a thought-provoking dénouement.