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James H. Nicholson lives in Charleston, SC, his adopted home, because of his love of history, the culture and fried shrimp. He is semi-retired, but still works part time in scientific imaging for medical research. He also volunteers at a coral research facility and has award winning images of his work in both the Olympus BioScapes (2010  3rd and Honorable Mention) and Nikon Small World (2010 13th and Honorable Mention) international microscopy competitions. Most recently, one of his images was a full page feature in the December 2010 Scientific American.

Making images, once on film, now digitally, has been a lifelong passion. He feels lucky to have chosen a field that changed too quickly to ever become boring.

The author of many scientific articles, and published in popular magazines including National Geographic, James more recently began writing fiction. It has quickly become a new passion, fighting for time in an already too busy schedule.

Not so recent - I like it better I'd like to hear from you if you have any thoughts or comments on the book, or the period of history.

Early days as a photographer

Midshipman studying

College days in the Navy

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